Union of European Football Railwaymen Association


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Union of European Football Railwaymen Association




The railway family in EUROPE has been working together more than 150 years. In every country this profession has a very strong tradition. A huge number, and all kinds of people work in this family, and - like in every family - most of them like sports!

Therefor, it was evident, that they wanted to play with each other, and to be better than others in different sports.

As football is one of the most popular sports in Europe, it has become the most popular sport among railwaymen too. Thus, some enthusiastic guys tried to organise regular matches, and tournaments both on a national and international scale.

One of these tournament sequences is called IRFT. (International Railwaymen Football Tournament)


(Union of European Football Railwayman Association)

In Larissa (Greece) in 2007 the participants of that year's IRFT thought, that it's time to make this tournaments more formal, and to establish a legal association to coordinate the organisation of the tournaments, and to form their rules.

Since 2007 (as a continuation of a more than 10 years old tournament sequence) every year on a different field, in a different country, one of the members organises a football tournament for the association according to the rules of UEFRA.

These tournaments

- keep the members together,

- give them the opportunity to strenghten their friendship and togetherness,

- allow them to show their commitment for sports,

- and also allow other railwayman football friends to join this enthusiastic and friendly group,

- and last, but not least enable the participants to have a fantastic and in most cases unforgettable week together with railwayman colleagues.

We try to summarise the history and work of the association on this web page in order to keep this organisation alive, and to invite to join us more and more friends.

You can find more information about UEFRA under:

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